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Design and Development of Interactive Instruction

ETEC 669

This course explored the principles of designing for user experience through for the purposes of education.


AI & Your Health

The first project that was undertaken in this class was to create a unit of learning about Artificial Intelligence using Didacte, a simple cloud-based LMS and Adobe Captivate, an e-Learning authoring tool. We decided to create a unit of learning that was targeted to Concordia students about how AI could affect their health.

Using Didacte, we introduced the leaners to the concepts of AI and health and evaluated their formative learning.

Link here.

Under the module, Explore AI and Your Health, we gave the learners access to a Captivate file. In that file, learners were able to click on parts of the body and learn about how AI could affect that part of the body. The download link below provides a copy of this file. (Adobe Captivate required to open.)


Seniors and Online Privacy

For the second project of this course, my new project team was required to create a unit of learning about online privacy using video and Klynt, an interactive editing and publishing software. This time, we decided to focus on create a unit of learning targeted towards and about seniors.

Unfortunately, it was during the course of this project that COVID-19 struck. This rendered our original plans of interviewing seniors on camera face-to-face difficult and dangerous and almost threw the rest of the project with it.

Fortunately, our team was scrappy and perseverant, and we were able to deliver, with some adjustment. We were able to interview and record people over video chat, but fewer people than we wanted; two subject matter experts, one senior, and a married couple that were "young" seniors.

Below you can download the planning documents of the Klynt project. This includes a document that outlines user experience, information architecture, and sample video interviews.